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How to Master the Entrepreneurial Mindset by Mastering Your Self-Talk!

Join Marcy McDonald for this Game-Changing Master Class on Self-Talk!

In this 30-minute master class, I’m going to show you how shifting the way you talk to yourself is key to gaining the drive, energy, and focus to build your business. If you struggle to feel confident... If you tell yourself you don't have what it takes... If you self-sabotage because of doubt... If you find perfectionism or procrastination keeping you from finishing your work... If you wake up in the middle of the night worrying about whether you can grow your own business...

Then this Master Class is for you.


When you use the tools I’m going to show you, you’re going to understand why most entrepreneurs suffer from doubts and fears--but why only those who truly work through them are able to maintain the drive... beat the isolation... sharpen their focus... and lean on their purpose so they can succeed. You'll understand why it's your brain and your lifelong habits and patterns that are undermining you--and how to shift your mindset in a lasting way. And you'll be prepared to take those critical first steps to building an emotional foundation for creating and sustaining an amazing business.


The sad truth is that the strategy most entrepreneurs employ is to just push themselves harder, try more things, and ignore their feelings... Until they feel completely overwhelmed, unmotivated, and convinced they really didn't have what it takes.

Today we're going to change all that. Click the link below to get your copy of the master class!

Marcy McDonald's coaching will take you beyond coping... to a life worth living again with the stamina & clarity you need to build your business!

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Meet Marcy.

For more than a decade Marcy has coached clients on mindset, focus, overcoming overwhelm, productivity, and confidence. She's a participant in Season 2 of the reality TV show, 4 Days to Save the World. In addition, she is one of fewer than 40 people in the world to attain international certification as an end-of-life doula, an element she incorporates in her coaching.

An escapee from the corporate world, Marcy has worked with 100s of subject matter experts, including professionals from National Geographic, Smithsonian Institute, Culinary Institute of America, the Hayden Planetarium, and every major American university. Now she has poured that experience into a unique, transformational coaching program for professional women who struggle to believe in themselves so that they can gain the drive, energy, and focus they need to excel in business.


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Marcy McDonald, Transformation Coach.

"I changed more in 12 weeks of coaching with Marcy than in 10 years of therapy! I can't thank her enough for how she's helped me change my life, personally & professionally."

- Nicole C. (Durham, NC)

"I would recommend Marcy's coaching for any endeavor: personal or professional. You won't find another person better prepared to help you live your best life."

- Meghan R. (Phoenix, AZ)

"Marcy sees through the clutter & gets to the heart of the actual issue that needs to be solved, & with a roadmap. I can honestly say I owe my success to her."

- Jennifer S.B. (Los Angeles, CA)

FREE Master Class!

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